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About me :

My name is Arlyn Garcia I am currently attending CSUSM as a third year student majoring in art media and design. I live in Menifee California located in the city of  Riverside. I aspire to create my own brand and company . I have recently dived into the world of wood working and engraving and hope to further expand on this throughout the year. With that I have also decided to challenge my creative capabilities by taking a photography class in hopes that it will inspire me as well as align with my current artistic interests. I am particularily excited to learn about lighting, composition, and perspectives . I hope to shoot a lot of my work if possible and make this a sort of memory book during the time Im enrolled in the class. I would love to have a direct emphasis on my artistic process while coming up with new concepts and designs for my wood working business. Although my main priority is to absorb as much information on photography as possible ! 

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